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We are a team of talented experts dedicated to bringing your ideas to life through meticulous coding, thoughtful design, and rapid prototyping. Whether you're a startup, SME, or enterprise, we are committed to delivering innovative, tailor-made solutions that will elevate your business to new heights. We specialize in crafting exceptional mobile apps for both iPhone and Android platforms, dynamic web apps, robust APIs, scalable backends, captivating dashboards, and everything in between.

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Future proof coding tools

Prudently chosen programming languages ensure robust support, cross-platform compatibility, and industry recognition, empowering cutting-edge solutions.



Flutter is a UI toolkit and framework developed by Google. It allows us to build natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase, using the Dart programming language. It offers a rich set of widgets and tools for creating beautiful and performant user interfaces.



PHP is a widely used server-side scripting language for web development. It provides a powerful and flexible platform to build dynamic websites and web applications. With a vast community, extensive libraries, and seamless integration with databases, PHP remains a popular choice for web developers worldwide.


javascript & jquery

JavaScript is a versatile programming language used for web development, while jQuery is a popular JavaScript library that simplifies DOM manipulation, event handling, and AJAX interactions.

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Our Projects

Zia e Madinah

Zia Library

Ziauddin Islamic Audio library contains 20,000+ media files accessible in all major platforms.

Majmooa e Naat

Majmooa e Naat

Great multi-lingual library to read and share Islamic poetry lyrics.



Enhance your travel with iZiarat which provides a visual representation of all nearby places drawn on a map.

Elm ul Adad

Elm ul Adad

Arabic & Urdu numerology calculator. A pocket tool for calculating Abjad count of any name. With added functionality of finding Ism e Azam. Our database has 150,000+ Ism e Azam combinations of 1, 2 or 3 Asma al Husnah.

Time Sequence

Time Sequence

Timeline of all Islamic events in the past 1400+ years. Our data dates back all the way to before Hijrah. You can jump to any year and see a timeline of all events that occurred in that year. You can also see relations between events.

True Quran

True Quran

Recite Quran with transliteration, translation and tafsir with True Quran.

WhatsApp Direct

WhatsApp Direct

Light-weight open-source Android app project through which you can directly send whatsapp messages without saving their phone number.

Hajj wa Umrah

Hajj wa Umrah

(Fatawa) Hajj wa Umrah is a unicode collection of Hajj and Umrah related masail taken from the book "العُرْوَۃُ فِیْ مَنَاسِکِ الحَجِّ وَ العُمْرَۃ" written by Shaikh ul Hadees Allama Mufti Muhammad Ata Ullah Naeemi proofread by Mufti Muhammad Shehzad Qadri Attari This app is owned by Jamiat e Isha`t e Ahle Sunnat (Pakistan).

Naat Academy

Naat Academy

Feature-wise this app resembles a lot and is inspired by Majmooa e Naat while maintaining its own uniqueness in design and content. This app is owned by Owais Razvi (AwesCreative) (India)

Sacred Traditions

Sacred Traditions

Sacred Traditions brings you beautiful images of the beautiful Ahadith (Sacred Sayings) of the most. We have translations in 40+ languages.

Inheritance Calculator

Inheritance Calculator – your trusted online tool for precise and compliant inheritance calculations in accordance with Sunni Islamic law. Create and share inheritance statements seamlessly with your loved ones for transparency and peace of mind.

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API Endpoints

City-wise Ziarat points

Easily fetch lists of Ziarat places of any given city. It also includes ziarat type data.

Fetch lyrics

Fetch html-formatted lyrics of any Kalaam by its id.

Media tracks search-engine

Search by vocalist, album, location, keyword, or any other piece of inofmration tied with that data.

Fatawa Hajj wa Umrah

Fetch and display Hajj wa Umrah fatawa in your website through our API endpoint.

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