Majmooa e Naat

Collection of marvelous poetry in unicode

This app is honored to be named "Majmooa e Naat" by Mufti Abdul Aziz Hanafi Sahb on February 2, 2019 in Madinah Munawwarah.

Majmooa e Naat is developed with the intention of gathering all Naatiya Deewans of our Mashaykh in unicode format. With the help of many Sunni brothers, we have a marvellous collection of 1000+ Kalaam in unicode (Urdu + Transliteration) format.

You can read, copy & share whole Kalams in just a few clicks!

Feature 01

Many Books - One App

Majmooa e Naat contains more than 16 Naatiya Deewans as well as a collection of miscellaneous Kalaam by various poets. We have a total count of 1000+ Kalaam

Feature 02

Advanced Filters

You can filter Kalaam by books, poets, categories, tags & beher as well as search by any keyword.

Feature 03

More Advanced Search

Our advanced search will never disappoint you. You can search by typing any keyword in either English or Urdu. Additionally, you can type tags, poet's name, book's title, or even additional comments present in some stanzas.

Feature 04

Beher (Meter)

Beher, or meter of a sher (stanza), is essentially a specific pattern that define the "length" of a sher.

Here at Majmooa e Naat you can read about the beher of a kalam as well as filter all kalams of same beher.

Feature 05

Listen while reading

Majmooa e Naat is now linked with Zia e Madinah app, an audio library of similar content. You can now listen while reading!

Feature 06

Fonts suited for your eyes

We have updated our fonts, font colors, background colors, themes, etc. Majmooa e Naat is now comfortable to your eyes even if you read for long period of time.

Day Mode / Night Mode

Majmooa e Naat has day mode, night mode, English layout & Urdu layout. These four modules are added to provide the best reading environment for you.

Feature 06

Theme Manager

Our new Theme Manager now supports multiple backgrounds images that you can choose.

Feature 06

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